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Message from K4FJW (Tom)

After being off the air for several years I decided to blow the dust off the gear and operate in the September 1998 VHF Contest. I was bitten by the bug that weekend and began improving the station from contest to contest. It was great talking with old friends and meeting new friends. The thing I noticed that was missing from the contests and day to day operation was local activity. I sent a few inquiries to some locals I have known for years. What I found was that many stations would operate if they knew when other stations were on and when the contests, nets and other special events were scheduled. They also needed more information on rules, operating techniques and basic things like what frequencies to operate.

We started an emailing list for VHF and UHF stations who receive mailings from us with basic information accompanied by web links for details. Information about operating activities are passed on to you through emailings. Everyone on the list is invited to send information and comments for future mailings. Participation has been outstanding.

This is not a reflector, but a very basic news letter. For example if you send me your operating plans for the contests I will distribute them to everyone on the list. They will know where and when to listen for you. Other station plans will be distributed when yours is distributed, and many contacts have been encouraged through the mailings.

After starting the emailing list we found there was a great need for this service and there are many other uses for the mailings. An example is distribution of net activities and sometimes we send out notice of meteor activity and strong aurora forecasts. We are even sending out used gear for sale information from list members. And, you are encouraged to contribute information for publication in the mailings.

The emailing list has expanded beyond local VHF and UHF stations as more and more operators register for this free service.


Tom K4FJW Bristol, VA EM86

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